Our Online Inventory for Computers is incomplete at this time, we are working to resolve this matter.

Our typical inventory includes limited quantities of the following:

PC Provo Inventory
Cables and Accessories Computer Components Laptop Components
SATA Data Cables - New and Used 750 GB SATA Western Digital hard Drives Laptop DDR Ram -New and Used
4pin Molex to SATA Power Cables 640 GB SATA Western Digital Hard Drives Laptop DDR 2 Ram - Limited Stock
DVI to VGA Monitor adaptors Lite-ON Lightscribe DVD Burners 320 GB SATA Western Digital Hard Drives
100mm VESA monitor wall mounts Radeon 5450 PCI-E Graphics Cards 65 Watt Dell Power Adaptors
4pin Molex power splitters 460 Watt New Power Supplies 65 Watt HP Power Adaptors
Computer Power Cords Used Desktop Power Supplies 250-400 Watts Acer laptop Power Adaptors
Cat5 Internet Cables Used PCI and AGP Graphics Cards DC Jacks - Internal Power Connectors
2ft Cat5e Patch Cables Used PCI Audio Cards CPU Fans - Special Order
2.5" SATA Drive External Enclosures 120mm Case Fans Laptop LCDs - Special Order
2.5" ATA6 Drive External Enclosures 80mm Case Fans -New and Used  
2.5" and 3.5" HDD Docking Station 92mm Case Fans -Used  
PS/2 Keyboards USB Wireless Adaptors  
USB Optical Mice CPU Thermal Paste  
Mouse pads    


We can order Laptop LCD screens, Laptop Power Cords/Chargers, Laptop hinges and most other items.

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